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HS CHAIN is a professional transmission chain manufacturer in China. Since 1975, we have been dedicated to providing a wide range of large and medium-sized conveyor chains and transmission chains, including: forklift chains, agricultural chains, cement conveyor chains, automobile chains, oilfield chains, chains for brewery industry, etc. We also work with many of our customers to produce the most suitable engineering chains, chains for sugar refining machines, chains for palm-oil processing lines, chains for waste-water treatment equipment, and more. Our transmission chains are known for their versatility and durability, so they are in great demand for agricultural machines, forklifts, road construction machines, and in industries like logging, wood processing, daily chemicals, mining, metallurgy, brewery, etc.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality, reliable products, we concentrate first on product design. At HS CHAIN, we have a passionate design team, which works with our customers and knows how to produce versatile and durable heavy-duty chains, steel pintle chains, or sharp top chains for every customer's specific needs. Additionally, we strictly follow the ISO9002 standard on all details, from material selection, hardening, and molding, to surface treating and inspection of finished products. As a result of our quality control, all of our transmission chains, whether agricultural chains, heavy-duty roller chains, transmission roller chains, or oil pump chains, come with high rigidity and tensile strength. They are meet ANSI, DIN, BS, and JIS standards.

At HS CHAIN, our concern is also cost-control. By establishing close partnerships with our material suppliers, we are able to acquire high-quality materials at reduced costs. Furthermore, our highly automatic production line saves labor costs. We have automatic six-station forming and assembly lines, by which our 8000 varieties of HS chains are produced. For these reasons, we are able to produce high quality forklift chains, steel transmission chains, cement conveyor chains, drag chains, and washer chains at economical prices.

With features like high rigidity and precision, good abrasion, and corrosion resistance, our chains have earned a reputation among global clients, especially in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, France, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.

During the last 40 years, HS CHAIN has grown with the machine manufacturers in various industries in China. Known as an experienced transmission chain manufacturer, we will continue to design and develop chains for applications in even more industries. Please feel free to contact us for further information. We would be happy to assist you.

    1. Oil Pump Chains
    2. Oil Pump Chains

      The link joint is made with newest impact extrusion technology.
      The bores of this oil pumping machine is of integral smooth surface.
      Suitable interference fit and advanced assembling technology provides this chain with better performance.

    1. Oilfield Roller Chains
    2. Oilfield Roller Chains

      Its curved link joint makes it more suitable for heavy loads and intermittent working conditions. Know for its strong fatigue, impact and wear resistance, this oilfield roller chain can be applied in open type transmission conditions where there is dust around the chain.

    1. Leaf Chains
    2. Leaf Chains

      Our leaf chains are commonly used forklift chains made of premium alloy steel. Link plates of this are designed based on the principle of synchronous bearing with punched hole size and distance between holes precisely controlled, thus achieving high precision and consistency.

    1. Agricultural Roller Chains
    2. Agricultural Roller Chains

      Agricultural roller chain is suitable for agricultural machines that work in bad conditions. We are a China agricultural roller chain manufacturer offering S type, C type and other related specifications of agricultural chain.

    1. Conveyor Chains
    2. Conveyor Chains

      We are an ISO9002 certified China conveyor chain manufacturer. Our conveyor chain for automobile industry is used to the pressing machines, jointing machines or chassis, engine, and gearbox assembly lines in automobile industry.

    1. Bottle Washer Chain
    2. Bottle Washer Chain

      Bottle washer chain is a type of stainless steel chain used in beverage machines. It is used in beverage and food processing lines as transmission chain for conveying large quantities of bottles at a low speed through the washer.